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The Jivamukti Essence Roll On

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Jasmine Rose Myrrha Aroma Lotion


Carefully sourced and hand blended by aromatherapist Péter Frák, curated by Camilla Veen, this formula was exclusively created for Jivamukti Yoga.
The fruity and spicy, earthy but ethereal Jivamukti Essence will enhance your everyday life.
12 essential oils blended together representing the journey and philosophy of Jivamukti Yoga.

AROMA ROLL ON is a subtle, less concentrated version of the mother blend.
The essential oils are diluted with the golden queen of skin care, organic jojoba based oil.
Jojoba makes it safe to use topically on your skin anywhere, even on thin / sensitive skin surfaces.
This Roll On functions as an ethereal natural perfume. Roll it onto your pulse points, neck, wrists, inner side of the ankles, onto your heart and just enjoy the magical scent gently carrying you through your day.
The sacred plants in this formula will give you energetic protection throughout the day!
Do not take any of the formulas internally!
Do not use during pregnancy and in case of epilepsy!

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