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Cats and dogs are People Too!


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Discover the shocking truth about commercial pet food, and the easy, affordable alternatives that will keep your pets extra-healthy and happy. Sadly, the main ingredient in many pet foods is the rendered body parts of cats and dogs. Gannon’s informative book presents these sobering facts, and provides simple recipes for feeding your animal companions straight from your own kitchen, plus tips for safe supplements, grooming and exercise. Use this practical guide to revamp how you care for your pets, and ensure that they stay with you for years to come!

“I love my cats,” writes Sharon Gannon in this important book that promotes health and wellness for your companion animals. Yet, she says, “years after mad cow disease was linked to the cannabilistic feeding of cows to cows, rendered animals are still routinely used in some pet food and commercial feed. Cows, pigs, chickens, dogs and cats are innocently eating each other.”

Cats and Dogs Are People Too! sheds light on the commercial pet food industry and offers healthy alternatives. It explores how you can keep your animals healthy and eating nutritiously balanced food through diet and supplements without being alarmist or emptying your wallet.

Sharon also explores the complex emotional lives of our cats and dogs and argues that the love they show to us needs to be met with equal responsibility on our part.

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